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Jack Sewing Machine, a popular brand amongst the Asian apparel manufacturing units, especially the Indian market, has traversed a long journey from being a reliable and efficient sewing machine provider to a high products technology sewing machine provider. The company, deeply rooted in the Indian domestic market, is growing because of its low-cost but good quality and prompt services. Playing on the cost factor, the company is also competing against Japanese technology with its new model – A4S-N.

The Chinese sewing machinery giant has been continuously gaining preference for its basic lockstitch and overlock machines in Indian apparel industry over the years, as these machines are economical but of good quality when compared to other Japanese brands. “In India, 80 per cent of factories in the domestic market use machines of our brand,” said Jerry Yu, Director – South Asia, Jack Sewing Machine .

In fact, its latest launch A4S-N is a semi-dry computerized lockstitch machine available in a striking blue colour. The machine’s design is a strict departure from the existing machines. It is more aero-dynamical in shape with round edges and contour. The German designed SNLS machine is equipped with a sealing pan integrated into the machine head, which effectively prevents oil leakage and oil staining. “A4S-N can handle any type of materials like denim, yarn and lace with the help of an optimized feeding system, after trimming thread is less than 3mm, which needs no extra labour,” informed Jerry.

Jack clearly understands the need of the market and is very well aware of the fact that its customers demand sewing machines that can save labour and electricity consumption. The company’s new model runs at a speed of 5000 SPM, saving machine time and its machines are direct-drive running on servo motors.

Working with India Agencies, its market representative in India, Jack has very well taken a hold on the training and after-sales support services, knowing precisely that after-sales service is the most important part of customer satisfaction.

Addressing the emerging apparel manufacturing hubs in India like Odisha, Kolkata, North East, Jharkhand, etc., Jerry expresses his concern, “People always want to talk about big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and more, but they forget about the emerging cities. Customers in these cities know the quality we offer, but don’t want to opt for it as we don’t have a service centre in these potential hubs.”  The company is mulling over finding a good local dealer in these potential cities as a first step to provide its services there.

The sewing machine giant provides training to its customers in three ways. A trained technician from China is designated, who is responsible for imparting training to the technicians of local agents or dealers. The technicians of local dealers then, provide training to the factory technicians.

Sometimes the company directly connects its technicians to the factory in order to make them understand how Jack’s technology is different from the Japanese or Korean technology and how they can make the best use of it.

Finally, the company also trains technicians and the maintenance team of end-users directly. “The technicians in the factory are working with the training which they acquired around 10-15 years ago. They do not have the right expertise or the knowledge regarding the handling of our high technology machines. That’s why it’s necessary to train the factory technicians to run the machines effectively for a longer period of time,” avers Bill Chen, Regional Manager – South Asia, Jack Sewing Machine .

Overdriving on its expansion plans, Jack is focused upon making a credible and strong service team in India through opening more service centres and offices. “We already have offices in Delhi and Bangalore and we will open more new offices in Tirupur, Ahmedabad and Ludhiana,” concludes Bill.

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