HCA is one of the leading establishments in the field of sewing machines, accessories and spares in India. Backed by nine decades of experience in the industry, the company aims “To provide world acclaimed brands, best technology and services” by having marketing tie-ups with international technology brands such as Kansai, Pfaff, Highlead, SWF, ASS, Merrow, Hengtai, Anghinetti, etc.

Moving on to the next stage of development, HCA has launched two machines for the Indian market under the name of DUKE to offer technology for the specific needs of the manufacturers in the country. On display, the DUKE ST18 button wrapping & knotting machine has been conceived and manufactured by the company completely from the scratch. It offers a programmable wrapping speed of 10-2000 rpm with the wrapping turns from the range of 1-230 rounds. Other features such as the number of knots (range of 1-230) and button height (from 0.1mm to 10mm) can also be programmed as per requirement.

[bleft] Bar tacking is the most simplest form of pattern tacking; simple shape, small area covered under clamp and simple mechanism, but most universally used” [/bleft]

The machine offers an integrated hardware system and a micro controller with 64 kb memory. The motor drives have an IC based driving system to give more accuracy.

Both the software and hardware for this machine have been developed in-house which gives the company the advantage of upgrading the same as and when needed as per market requirements.

As for the DUKE D-26 Feed-Off-the-Arm machine, the company has automated the basic machine to get higher efficiency and power saving. The direct servo motor, besides improving power efficiency, reduces the vibration level even at the maximum speed of 5500 spm. Other features include a pneumatic auto pressure foot lifter allowing easy operation of the machine, an automatic joint thickness sensor to slow down the machine as per pre-programmed speed, and a programmable needle cooler.

A suction censor has also been added which controls the chain cutter and suction device ensuring that the same do not work if there is no contact with the garment. This results in the saving of air and also improves the life span of the chain cutter and the motor.

Both the machines got an excellent response from the manufacturers at the fair and a number of orders have already been placed for them.

Kansai Displays FBX Series of Chain Stitch Waist Banding Machines

MORIMOTO’s products are well known under the brand name “KANSAI SPECIAL” and are being sold in more than 88 countries. The Kansai products are highly valued as the standard of double chain stitch machines the world over. This year at the GTE, Kansai showcased its UK series of overlock machines. The series, launched in 2007, was back with some modifications.

These are 2 to 6 threads, overlock and safety stitch machines with features such as closed type (full sealed) needle drive bar mechanism, built-in needle thread cooler, fine adjustable differential feed and low vibration and noise. The series offers options such as VTC (vertical chain cutter), HTC (horizontal chain cutter), ETC (tape cutter), GA (gathering device) and BLD (back latching device). These machines, which have a submerged table, are ideal for long serging operations, such as stitching the side seams of a trouser or jeans. With a user-friendly design, the brand new Kansai Special’s UK series make the operator’s work neat and clean.

FBX series is a cylinder bed, 2~6 needle double chain stitch machine with needle feed. It is designed for sewing waistbands of medium to heavy material such as jeans and working pants.

Pfaff Displays New 3588 Automatic Pocket Setting Machine

Pfaff has been setting trends worldwide. Machines displayed by them in the HCA exibit, was a crowd puller.

The most popular machine from the stable of Pfaff is the new 3588 programmable automatic pocket setter. This can be used for sewing patch pockets on jeans, shirts, blouses, workwear garments, etc. Attaching of bellow pockets is new and presents the superior technology of the machine. A patented gear system provides for best irregular feeding of the fabric, ensuring the same is properly held when the needle enters the fabric. This allows the use of stitch lengths up to 6 mm and prevents premature wear of hook and needle.

The PFAFF 3588 can also be used as a combination machine in production of jeans and menswear. It offers an unprecedented ease of operation due to a graphics display. On the productivity front, it offers a consistent sewing speed of 4,000 spm without need for speed reduction for corners or bartacks. This machine, since introduced in the market, has been a hot seller for the company.

Highlead Brings its High Speed Sewing Machines To GTE

Chinese company Highlead, in collaboration with its Indian counterpart HCA, brought to the GTE its range of high-speed sewing machines.

Already having a presence in India since the past 10 years, and with a reputed client list, the company was looking for new buyers to add to its already long list.

GC188-M-D, which was on display, is a new product of Highlead brand lockstitch sewing machine series.

It is a high speed single needle lockstitch sewing machine, equipped with a horizontal reciprocating thread trimmer driven by a solenoid which prevents the bobbin from idle rotation.

It also has a thread-tension releasing device for steady thread trimming. The touch-switch for reverse feeding offers swift and easy operation. The machine has a maximum sewing speed of 5000 rpm with a stitch length of 0-4 mm.

The machine is mainly useful for garments, bedding goods and upholstery of light or medium weight fabrics.

SWF Puts up A Powerful Show With World’s Fastest Embroidery Machines

Korean company SWF brought about a “powerful revolution” in the world of embroidery machines. The SWF/DM series, launched this year, are the fastest embroidery machines with a speed of 1500 rpm. The machine, displayed atthe HCA exhibit, generated a lot of queries from the buyers. It has a control panel with 10.4” high-resolution full color LCD, USB ports, a floppy drive, stitch filtering, automatic press foot adjuster and automatic lubrication. It has a stitching length of 0.1-12.7 mm with an embroidering range of 330 (660) X1, 200 mm and a memory capacity of 2,000,000 stitches.

The machine comes with optional devices such as the sequin device, boring device and cording device. The SWF/DM series offers superior productivity and improved embroidery quality. It has low vibration and noise with precision control and is capable of fast and stable operations.

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